Who loves a great backyard science experiment?! AKA the most epic game of epic games! We love to make games out of experiments or challenges, so we decided it would be really fun to see if coke and mentos would have the same reaction underwater. This is what happened….


We revisit a classic mentos and coke experiment by each coming up with our own tricks and experiments to try with Mentos and Coca-cola to see who will win! Jinger fills up a fish tank with water and does underwater mentos and coke to get an awesome under water reaction! Kyle’s Toys and Games has a cola sprayer where he can spray coke everywhere! Gage1Up uses a giant balloon to see who is last to leave before it gets filled with Mentos and coca-cola and starts a battle! Luke Jaxon decides to use power vision camera angle on his and make a blaster rocket that flies! The Carl does as fail attempt to go in the backyard waterpark pool and do a mentos and coke experiment underwater!

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Kyle’s Toys and Games:



This crazy game is so fun, and gets our boys off the internet to take a break from online games. It created a way for us to connect as a family, and have a lot of fun for less than $20. So many great memories! This game is so inexpensive, and would definitely be a great party game, family game, kids games, or any fun game night with friends! Plus, It was way easier than making a giant hamburger!

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